Who are the Biggest German Gaming YouTubers?


Who are the biggest Gaming YouTubers in Germany? Find the Top YouTubers in Germany from the gaming industry in this overview. You might be looking into a campaign promotion on YouTube in the Gaming Sector, or checking out the German way of making Gaming YouTube Videos. Here is a list of the most important details to help you define what you should consider when searching for the biggest German Gaming YouTubers.

Who are the biggest Gaming YouTubers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

When finding the biggest YouTube content Creators in Germany in the Gaming sphere, you should consider which metrics to follow. Average views per video might be a great indicator for seizing up the German Youtube Gaming market. This article about YouTube Gaming Creators in Germany provides you a way to decide which of the biggest German speaking Gaming YouTubers is for you. Which metrics define the biggest Gaming content Creator on YouTube in Germany?

Most relevant numbers to define the biggest German Gaming YouTuber

Analyzing data to find the biggest German Gaming YouTubers will lead to the following numbers metrics: views per video, views per month, number of videos per week, subscribers, watch time per video, demographics. Like to dislike ratio shows how well the Gaming content is received by the YouTube fans. These analytics are mostly hard to come by. We will show you some of the most interesting facts about German YouTubers from the Gaming area, that will help you define the most fitting testimonial.


Which analytics are most relevant for your promotion?

You will find many Gaming Creators on YouTube with great numbers in any category. Knowing these analytics numbers, you can make a more data driven decision, of who to work with. But you shouldn’t just rely on the numbers. Quantity in numbers might be an important part of your decision making process, but Gaming YouTubers generally have different kind of mind sets, work processes, humour, preferences and personal preferences, which you cannot see in the numbers. Although all Gaming YouTubers in Germany have to be entertaining, they differ in many ways. Use the numbers, but also try to find out about the content Creators style.

How do I define the best German Gaming YouTuber for my campaign?

Defining the right partner for your German Influencer campaign with a Gaming content Creator succeeds, when the companies products and goals seems to be a great match. Not knowing about the Gaming YouTubers preferences and just deciding purely on numbers, could be as fatal to your campaign as just booking a Creator, because you like his or her humour. After you collected both quantifiable numbers and qualitative metrics, the final decision on which of the biggest YouTube Content Creators you want to activate, comes from experience of working with that Creator.


Ask for support from the Gaming YouTubers’ Management

In most cases you should rely on the closest person next to the Creator. Creator Managements like WATER know everything there is to know about your potential Gaming YouTuber. The Management can provide you the numbers, the qualities and help you getting the campaign done. Don’t be afraid of the language barrier: while many YouTube Gaming content Creators lack Business English experience, managers like Jakob Rogalski support them on daily basis and can translate everything perfectly.

A Selection of Germany’s Biggest Gaming YouTubers

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GTA 5, Indie Games, Multigaming


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Fortnite, GTA 5, Lifestyle, Music


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Fortnite, Lifestyle


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Fortnite, GTA 5, Lifestyle

Standart Skill

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GTA 5, Indie Games, Minecraft


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FIFA, Lifestyle, Multigaming


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Minecraft, Multigaming, Tech


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Fortnite, Minecraft


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Indie Games, Minecraft, Multigaming


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