Standart Skill to release his first book ‘VOLL VERGLITCHT!’


Standart Skill is best known as Germany’s most watched Fortnite Content Creator on YouTube. His natural storytelling chops are now being used for another kind of media. Standart Skill is set to release his first book ever, on September 15 2020. Standart Skill’s book is called ‘Voll Verglitcht!’ and revolves round him being pulled into his favourite Battle Royale game. But things turn sideways as he tries to return to the real world as more and more glitches break the game’s code.

Why is Standart Skill releasing a book?

Standart Skill is not just a YouTuber or just another Content Creator. He is interested in spreading his wings in all kinds of creative directions. His fans love his energetic side and hunger for the newest leaks he is presenting daily in his Fortnite videos. Standart Skill really is the biggest Fortnite fan and he is also holding the record views for a Fortnite Song, dedicated to the game. It was only a matter of time, that he wanted to explore what else could be done with Battle Royale content in another type of media.

Will Standart Skill’s book be a success?

After having released the most watched Fortnite Song in Germany, he also wants to set new records in the book industry. The first indication for high sales figures was the first announcement day. VOLL VERGLITCHT! climbed the Amazon Charts from a relatively low 204.233 place to No. 2 overall books Bestsellers within its first 24 hours. This is the announcement video WATER produced with STANDART SKILL that was released on July 30 02020:

What do Standart Skill Fans say about his first book?

Standart Skill’s VOLL VERGLITCHT! will be released on September 15 2020. The initial fan feedback is already extremely positive. For many of his fans it is the very first book they buy in their life, as many have moved to digital alternatives. Reactions to the announcement were purely positive. With one fan’s mom crying tears of joy, because her son wanted her to buy a book for him. We have the feeling, that Standart Skill also can use his influence to invite his fans to reading in general. WATER and STANDART SKILL are very grateful to bring traditional books to the attention of young fans.

What is VOLL VERGLITCHT! about?

Standart Skill’s VOLL VERGLITCHT! is an adventure, taking place in a virtual world called ‘Tal Royal’. It is the main landing zone for all players of his favourite Battle Royale game. But instead of controlling a character in the game, Standart Skill involuntarily jumps into the game to become the main character. In order to find his way back to the real world, he has to face many new characters. Some of them are friendly and will be taking part in his journey, other ones are evil and wish him harm. Fortunately STANDART SKILL is no stranger to fighting for his live. It also turns out, he is on the clock, as the world of Tal Royal is being attacked by a force that has never been seen before. The readers are able to decide the narrative at certain points in the book, so VOLL VERGLITCHT! transports the interactive element from games into the world of books.


Standart Skill’s Business Management

If you have questions regarding Standart Skill, his book or his Content, please contact us under We would be happy to arrange interviews and look into potential partnerships regarding other areas. Please visit Standart Skill’s Landing page on Water to see successful examples of partnerships and campaigns we worked on together.

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