How to promote tech with Gaming Influencers?


Big Tech Reviewers on YouTube in Germany are scarce to say the least. Although the demand for tech is undeniably high, there are not enough YouTube Creators that are dedicated tech Creators with a big audience. So tech companies need to rely on YouTube channels that share interest in their target demographic while not specifically being a tech channel. Gaming Creators are the next best thing in tech reviews – but how can they promote a tech product without steering too much into uncharted territory while staying trustworthy? 

Gaming Creators doing tech: a balance act for clients

Anybody booking influencers for promoting a product is thinking about the fit. How can a Gaming Creator be the right person to justify investment that leads to sales? This challenge is and always will be a balancing act for the client, as there are no guarantees. So one way of eliminating uncertainty might be to go with a Creator who is specialised in this kind of product. But if you are looking at the German YouTube Creator categories, you will seldomly find niche YouTubers that have many views on their videos. When you are looking for a broad audience, the content categories that matter are just a few.

Finding a way to bring tech to Gaming YouTubers

The bigger question is: how can we promote tech products on Gaming Channels, so that the key audience is engaged? Content that does not suit the Creator and his channel can even backfire so much that it hurts the channel’s standing and the Creator’s image. So while not every Gaming YouTuber has to be a tech expert, his audience sure might like the products, but would not normally go to him or her for advice regarding this topic. What brings the two worlds together is the kind of content, that bridges these differences. As long as the tech product has relevance for the Creator, and the Creators stay within their comfort zone, there are new and exciting ways to deliver a promotional experience that feels fresh and communicates all Key Selling Points, without feeling out of place.

Building a custom Fortnite Level for a specific tech product

As iCrimax ist well known for his Fortnite videos, it only seemed fair to use the game as a vehicle for the messaging. In this specific case, MSI allowed us to use our professional Fortnite custom level building team to create a completely new experience, which is dedicated to a new monitor. While the challenge was to put all important information into the level, it also had to be an enjoyable experience for both the Creator and his audience. Rather than just telling them about the new features, why not show them and even let them experience them? iCrimax used the level for a full video about one of MSI’s most ambitious monitors.

Use this code to check out our MSI Fortnite level:


Building a custom GTA 5 experience with mod professionals

While Minecraft and Fortnite offer an easy approach to create new content, GTA 5 is a different kind of breed. Only experienced mod specialists know how to generate and fully implement a GTA 5 mod without everything breaking apart. Luckily IDzock is an expert when it comes to GTA 5 mods. So when MSI asked for a gaming-centric experience, IDzock was chosen for his proven background in that regard. He built MSI and its monitors into a Roleplaying mod. MSI and the monitors are a part of the story and logos, ads and hardware can be found throughout the full vide promotion:

Approaching tech with comedy

Another approach has been delivered by the YouTube Content Creator team Lusor Koeffizient. Being known for their hard hitting humour, they could not deliver just a super serious presentation of a monitor. So the Lusors decided to dress up as tech super insider professionals and let them talk about the tech-heavy features. While the audience learns something about the MSI monitor, they are also entertained by the high production value of the tongue in cheek presentation. The Lusors do not presume to be tech pros – they dress up as them:


Are you looking to find individual concepts for your product?

If you are looking for an exchange regarding creative approaches to promote your product, please write us at You can find other examples of past promotional Influencer activities on the Creators’ landing pages here iCrimax, IDzock, Lusor Koeffizient. Drop us a message on WhatsApp through +49 176 2121 5514.

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