German ZOLL partners with Abgegrieft to promote apprenticeship positions in Minecraft

In an unprecedented case, the German ZOLL officially embraced the Germany Minecraft Creator Abgegrieft to promote the available apprenticeship positions for the fiscal year 2021. As the majority of human resources trade fairs were cancelled due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, companies look out for creative opportunities to find fresh apprentices for the next year. Abgegrieft was chosen to build an online experience, that represents the German ZOLL and the respective tasks, potential applicants would be a part of.

How can the German ZOLL court new apprentices online?

One of the biggest challenges of 2020 will be to keep the economy running and get it back on track. Covid-19 infamously put a strong hold on all of our lives. Everything related to any kind of physical gatherings like concerts, events, retail and trade fairs were hit especially hard by the necessary measures to contain spread. The German ZOLL needed a viable solution to promote their nationwide apprentice positions. While relying on trade fairs and word-of-mouth in the past, 2020 the German ZOLL decided to go fully digital to embrace this challenge.

Meeting the ZOLL’s goals in Minecraft

The German ZOLL found its key target demographic in Minecraft. Minecraft has a young tech-savvy and huge community in Germany and is best known for being a creative gaming experience. Building a digital experience around those opportunities brought the German ZOLL to speaking with German Minecraft YouTuber ABGEGRIEFT. The goal was to have a viable trade fair replacement within Minecraft. As Abgegrieft is known to build vast and beautiful experiences on his Minecraft servers, he was chosen to partner up with the German ZOLL to create a full digital ZOLL experience within Minecraft for everybody to enjoy.


Presenting future work place opportunities within Minecraft

Minecraft players are creating worlds by combining cubes with textures that eventually turn into fantastic experiences. The building opportunities are endless. Besides being a technical solution to creating gaming worlds, the Minecraft community is a particularly strong one. Being able to experience detailed landscapes and gameplay mechanics without the need of complicated 3D programs or code, really gives the Minecraft service a truly special place in gaming history. No doubt, many Minecraft players are still in school, but prepare for a career after it as well. The German ZOLL work experiences are numerous and exciting, so a dedicated ZOLL Minecraft server was planned to promote these jobs to the youngsters.

‘BLOCK AUF ZOLL?’ Minecraft servers open from August through September 2020

Minecraft deemed to be a great creative solution for a company in dire need of exposure in 2020. The German ZOLL could reach the potential apprentices where they spend most of their time anyway: online in Minecraft. Abgegrieft and his building team showed they would be truly up to the challenge and created a full ZOLL world to experience. German ZOLL employees and vehicles are scattered around a world of over 50 Million Minecraft cubes. The Abgegrieft team was even able to include a hunt for illegal goods at the harbour. Trained dogs help with finding banned products at the dockside. The main building presents different ZOLL jobs by using dioramas for each direction an apprentice could go to in the future.


Contact Abgegrieft’s YouTube Business Management

If you are looking into business opportunities of a similar direction with Abgegrieft, please contact us at Visit Abgegrieft’s Water Creator page to dive further into examples of his marketing activities in the past. We are happy to arrange a call to talk about strategies that suit your needs best.

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