GAMERS ONLY Fortnite Gamification Creates Engaging User Experience through Creators

GAMERS ONLY seeks out more active engagement with Fortnite fans by activating Standart Skill’s and iCrimax’ community in a Halloween themed level. Using holidays like Halloween to promote products has been a trusted sales strategy in the United States for many years now. Halloween has since made its way to international waters and service games like Fortnite are embracing the opportunity to celebrate it in the game, world wide. Using the Creative Mode from Fortnite, Water build a completely new Halloween level for GAMERS ONLY called SPOOKY RUN.

Using Fortnite custom levels to promote

While it is vastly more complicated and costly to build a new game from the ground up, the creative tools that Epic is giving Fortnite users are dramatically versatile and mostly easy to use. A trained building team can get a completely new Fortnite level up in running in one or two weeks, when the briefing is finished. More importantly, custom Fortnite levels can get very detailed and suited for any kind of message. GAMERS ONLY took the opportunity to use the long standing partnership with Standart Skill and iCrimax to use these possibilities to build up a custom Halloween level specifically to promote its Performance Drinks.

Combining game design and corporate identity

The greatest challenge in building a promotional map is, that is has to advertise a brand and product, while also being entertaining and drive incentive to play and finish a level. GAMERS ONLY chose the well known “Death Run” mechanic, which sets the player into a linear level of traps and challenges to their movement skills. The GAMERS ONLY SPOOKY RUN uses Halloween themed models and decorations for the level design, while adding Performance Drinks tubs from GAMERS ONLY as well as fruits from the every taste available. The building team also added huge GAMERS ONLY logos to guarantee brand and product recognition.


Adding a Story and Incentives

The goal was to provide the fans a brand experience that goes one step further than just asking them to buy products. The GAMERS ONLY Fortnite level provides fans of Standart Skill and iCrimax to see the brand in a modern way. GAMERS ONLY wanted to go where the fans really spend their time and invest resources in building a new type of experience, that is also a gamification. Everybody trying out the GAMERS ONLY SPOOKY RUN finds discount codes with up to 30% off, if you finish the level. As a secondary incentive to buy products, GAMERS ONLY gave away a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, to anybody buying a product from GAMER ONLY within the promotional period. The only catch: You have to finish the level in under 10 minutes, because a ghost is hunting you through the SPOOKY RUN.

Growing interest in engaging gamifications

Gamifications were not always easy to achieve. Nowadays even political campaigns seek out voters in games. But instead of putting up ads or banners, they are building engaging experiences around the gaming world, that potential voters or customers are already part oft. The gaming industry is too big, player numbers are too high to ignore. Gaming is a part of culture, and brands are beginning to take notice of the easy ways gamifications are achievable. While some just play to remind people to vote (see Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ famously record breaking ‘Among Us’ session on Twitch), others are using Fortnite custom levels to let users experience a new level to promote their agenda. The BIDEN/HARRIS campaign built a new Fortnite segment to promote their message.


Building unique and engaging brand experiences in Fortnite, Minecraft and GTA

If you like the idea of having your product experience build in Fortnite or Minecraft, please contact us at Visit Standart Skill’s Landing Page on Water, to see further examples of collaborations. If you like to see, what we did with iCrimax in the past, please visit the iCrimax Landing page on Water. Feel free to contact us per WhatsApp as well through +49 176 2121 5514. Water’s CEO Jakob Rogalski will respond to your request personally.

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