Brox and Alphastein: Two New Gaming Content Creators join Water


We are very proud to announce that Water was chosen by Brox and Alphastein to be their official Business Management. While Brox is probably known best for his GTA 5 videos, he since opened up more channels dedicated to Roblox and general Entertainment. Alphastein is a well known force in the German Minecraft community with more than 1.1 Million subscribers.

Brox joins Water with all channels

Brox joins the Water Management in 2020. While many know him for creating engaging GTA 5 content in the past, he has since opened additional channels with new types of content. He is using his YouTube channel ohBrox for entertainment and reaction videos. On Robrox he plays the hugely popular multiplayer online experience Roblox. His new YouTube channel for crazy GTA 5 gameplay is BroxPlayz. We will keep you updated about his engagement’s with Water on Brox’ Landing Page.

Alphastein’s new Management: Water GmbH

Alphastein has always been a Creator that does not shy away from making different kind of content. While it seems that he would be a normal Minecraft entertainment channel, the story goes much deeper. Alphastein is more of a cultural icon that brightens his fans’ day with a rather unusual approach to comedic entertainment. His high pitch voice is a landmark in the German Gaming Community. Alphastein’s renditions of famous songs show his versatile talent. More details on Alphastein are here on his Alphastein Water Landing Page.


More unique content thanks to Brox and Alphastein

Water is able to provide you with even more creative solutions when it comes to promotional work. Both Creators open up possibilities that are unique to them. Follow them on their Water Landing Pages to see more endeavours in the future.¬† Visit Brox’ Water Landing Page on Water or Alphastein’s Landing Page on Water. Contact us about them at or

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